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Training Centre

Employees should take the necessary steps to upgrade their skills in order to stay on top of their professions or fields of work thus contributing greatly to the success of their organization. As employees develops new skills, increase business and social network as well as develop leadership capabilities the business work environment itself becomes automatically infused with boosts of energy and creativity


MOHR offer various services to the the student such as :
INDUSTRIAL TRAINING  INSTITUTE - for student who interested in continued their study at industrial
Part Time Job  - Opportunity to get side income
Training at Accredit Centre - list of training provided at our Accredit Centre
MySkill Competition - opportunity to student and their lecturers involved to win the national competition



  • JobsMalaysia (formerly known as Job Clearing System in ELX) is an automated online job matching service provided by the Ministry of Human Resources. JobsMalaysia matches job seekers seeking suitable jobs with employers. All the services provided by JobsMalaysia are free and made publicly available through the facilities of the Ministry of Human Resources.
  • The main objective of the system is to improve the mobilization of the nation's human resources and to ensure that manpower utilization is optimized through the systematic matching of job seekers to job vacancies. It will act as the one-stop centre for labor market information for the public.

trade union

A trade union is an independent association or combination of employees that acts as a voice to regulate relations between employees and employers for the purpose of improving good industrial relations, enhance economic and social status of both parties as well as finding solutions to raise productivity for the benefit of those involved.

Trade Union Department Website

Link to Trade Unions Information System: http://myhos.mohr.gov.my/trade_union/


Everything you need to know about employees in Malaysia

Employees need to know their rights and welfare for working in Malaysia. Therefore, this section consists of the following informations that are integral for employees :-

  • Acts for Employees
  • Implementation of Minimum Wages
  • Minimum Retirement Age for Private Sector


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