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MOHR Policy

Core values that are imparted and uphold by the citizens of MOHR towards achieving the vision are:
  1. Justice and Fairness
    To appreciate and practice principle of justice and fairness to uphold social justice for the wellbeing of all

  2. Harmonious
    To ensure harmonious industrial relations among employers, employees and trade unions for the development of the nation and well being of the citizens

  3. Tripartisme
    To ensure close relationship in formulating and implementing policies, laws and regulations for the benefit of all

  4. Well being and Safety
    To practice safety and health in a workplace to ensure a conducive and productive workplace

  5. Continuous Learning
    To place importance on continuous learning through training and skills upgrading to ensure employability of competent and competitive workforce

  6. Caring
    To provide social security protection for well being of employee, family, society and country

Labor environment and employment trend is forever changing due to domestic and also global influence. Creating, establishing and maintaining job opportunities in conducive investment climate is important in ensuring healthy working environment and thus benefits the manpower. Improving working environment through efficient management will contribute to the realization of decent work fro employees

  1. Globalization and Labor Environment Changes
    Globalization and economic liberalization has created a borderless labor market. Telecommunication and multimedia development had widened and improved management concept to fulfill stakeholders' and customers' demands

  2. Creating Attractive Investment Climate and Maintaining Competitiveness
    Planning of national development and achieving the target of Vision 2020 has to consider global and regional development. A conducive investment climate environment, quality and competent workforce, labor policies and work place environment must maintain its competitiveness to attract investors and thus, creating new job opportunities

  3. Establishing a Dynamic Labor Market
    Changes in employment pattern requires various new skills to be adapted to the new work force. Skills training must be able to produce skilled workers in order to fulfill labor market that applies the rapid use of technology

  4. Creating Balance Between Flexibility and Security in Human Resources Management
    n maintaining the National economy in the global competitiveness, it is important to make sure labor policies and national industrial relation will balance the rights and benefits of employers and employees so that a conducive investment climate can be established and the welfare of workers are maintained

  5. Labor Mobility
    Globalization had created a borderless world and interdependency had caused unlimited labor migration. Massive entrance of unskilled migrant workers into the national labor market caused huge impact to the local labor market because they are willing to accept low salary suitable with their skills. Strategies and policies must be revised to overcome this challenges

  6. Harmonious Working Environment
    Disputes and conflicts between employers and employees are unavoidable, thus, it is important to balance the rights and interests of both parties in maintaining harmonized industrial relation. Only with this co-operation, a conducive working environment for workers is guaranteed and hence increase the companies' performance and productivity

  7. Competency and Employability
    The Government's role in analizing the national employment market situation and identifying labor policy will overcome the weaknesses in creating job opportunities. Labor policy and skills development planning must aim to coordinate skilled workforce development to fulfill the employment needs

  8. National Social Safety System
    Establishment of consistent social safety system in line with the economic development and nation social needs. The system should not become a barrier to employment or reduce companies' competency but is to mainly provide social safety net and to assist workers

  9. Reducing Accidents at Workplace
    Rapid development of employment market means there will be a tough challenge in tracking the problem of rising accident cases at workplace. Best practices in occupational safety and health (OSH) should be practiced at all work premises to achieve zero accidents goal