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  YBhg. Dato' Md Ziki bin A. Rahman
 Development,Financial and Human Resources Division
: mdziki[at]mohr[dot]gov[dot]my
  Encik Rosli bin Bidin
Human Resources Management
: rosli[dot]bidin[at]mohr[dot]gov[dot]my
  Dr. Mohd Khalid Bin Abdul Samad
Financial and Development
: khalid.samad[at]mohr[dot]gov[dot]my
  Encik Asri bin Ab. Rahman
National Institute of Labour Market Information and Analysis (ILMIA)
: asri_a[at]mohr[dot]gov[dot]my
  Puan Betty bt. Hassan
Policy Division
Labour Policy Division
: -
  Encik Abdul Kahar bin Abdullah
 Human Resource Policy Division
: abdulkahar[at]mohr[dot]gov[dot]my
  YBrs. Dr. R. Selvaraj A/L V. Ramasamy
 International Division
: r.selvaraj[at]mohr[dot]gov[dot]my
  Encik Hassan bin Masrom
Information Management Division
  Puan Norizan binti Mohd Yunos
Account Division
: norizanyunos[at]mohr[dot]gov[dot]my
  Puan Che Azizah binti Che Rashid
Management Services Division
: cheazizah[at]mohr[dot]gov[dot]my
  Puan Noor Rita binti Kassim
Internal Auditor Unit
: noor_rita[at]mohr[dot]gov[dot]my
  Encik Izzad Zalman bin Abdul Kader
Corporate Communications Unit
: izzad[at]mohr[dot]gov[dot]my
  Encik Mohd Nawawi bin Ismail
Legal Division
: mohdnawawi[at]mohr[dot]gov[dot]my
  Puan Norasmah binti Mohamad @ Kassim
Inspectorate and Enforcement Division
: norasmah.m[at]mohr[dot]gov[dot]my
  Puan Hafezah binti Zainudin 
KPI Unit
: hafezah[at]mohr[dot]gov[dot]my
  Encik Wan Faez bin Wan Jaffar
Integrity Unit
: wan_faez[at]mohr[dot]gov[dot]my
  Encik Shanmugam a/l Thiagarajan
National Wages Consultative Council
: shan[at]mohr[dot]gov[dot]my